Jason Bailey Studio


Jason Bailey Studio a photography & production studio specialising in lifestyle, food, and drink.

Jason Bailey and Oliver Blackburn have been working together as photographer and stylist since 2017. In their Hackney-based studio, the duo has worked together on global campaigns for the industry’s leading brands & hot spots.

As a team, they specialise in still-life photography in the food and beverage space but are not strangers to the overall impact photography has on brand and product perceptions. Their combined experience in hospitality, PR, and design management allow them to leverage a truly unique approach to their work.

Jason Bailey, graduate of Parsons School of Design in New York, is inspired by the entire spectrum of light and its ability to help him capture the nuance and artistry of his talented subjects. Since establishing his studio in 2016, he has had the pleasure of shooting the creations of some of the worlds most celebrated mixologists, chefs, and industry superstars.

Oliver Blackburn, former mixologist and brand ambassador, brings an encyclopaedic knowledge of cocktail craftsmanship and liquid science to the team. With a creative eye and unmatched technical expertise, Oliver consistently pushes boundaries to achieve inventive and captivating images.

Clients & Featured
  • Bacardi,
  • Banks Rum,
  • Bar Swift,
  • Bombay Sapphire,
  • British Land,
  • Coya,
  • Dandelyan,
  • Driscoll's Berries,
  • Edition Hotels,
  • ETM Group,
  • Evening Standard,
  • Food & Travel Magazine,
  • GQ Magazine,
  • Grey Goose,
  • Highland Spring,
  • Imbibe Magazine,
  • Lurpak Butter,
  • Marriott Hotels,
  • Martini,
  • Mondrian London,
  • Morgans Hotel Group,
  • Nobu,
  • Pernod Ricard,
  • Punch Magazine,
  • Punch Room,
  • Red Rooster,
  • St~Germain Liqueur,
  • Tesco,
  • The Autograph Collection,
  • The Curtain Hotel,
  • The Glenlivet,
  • The Sunday Times,
  • Vogue

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